$7k Kitchen & Bathroom Flip

Wow! This Shillington home is completely transformed. Good bones and a lovely neighborhood made this property the perfect flip. We used cost-effective methods to bring the single family home into the 21st century. Here’s a little taste of some of the project we took on…

Before: First Floor
After: First Floor
Before: Office
After: Office
Before: Bedroom
After: Bedroom
Before: Kitchen
Before: Kitchen

The old metal kitchen was outdated and heavily used. The banged-up cabinets and dingy floors had to go! We also wanted to add as much storage as possible to maximize space.

After: Kitchen
After: Kitchen

This is what you can do in a kitchen with just $5,000! We used ready-to-assemble cabinets to save money without sacrificing quality. These solid wood cabinets were easy to put together and even feature soft-close drawers and doors. New stainless appliances, marbled linoleum, and mesh-mounted glass tiles in a luxe gray complete this modern and clean kitchen.

Before: Bathroom

There are so many old colored tile bathrooms in Berks County. Renovating a bathroom can be daunting, but there are inexpensive updates that can make a huge difference with a little elbow grease. I couldn’t wait to get that dated pink tile outta there. Sometimes colored tiles can be reworked into a retro feel, but this pink just didn’t fit our vision. The tub was still in good condition, so I decided to reuse it! Save big bucks by keeping existing features when you can.

IMG_5477 (2)
In Progress: Bathroom
IMG_5478 (1)
In Progress: Bathroom

We knocked down the old pink tile, being careful not to damage the wall when possible. Green wall (a water-resistant drywall) was installed. Don’t worry if you’re not good at spackling and drywalling – use wainscoting instead! It comes in 4’x8′ sheets and is super easy to install. Wainscoting comes primed, so all you have to do is paint it and attach! White wainscoting can give a Nantucket-cottage feel; colored wainscoting can create a boho getaway. The tub also got a good, hard cleaning.


After: Bathroom

After: Bathroom
IMG_1411 (1)
After: Bathroom

This bathroom remodel was just $2,000. We continued the cool white and gray colors in the bathroom to give a clean, fresh feel. A cute vanity, modern mirror and light fixture, and a new toilet all came from a local surplus store.

Whether you’re flipping a whole house or just a room, you can renovate with quality products on a budget with a little extra elbow grease.

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