Beat the Heat: Oil vs Gas

The other week I was doing a walk-through of a home to give the owners suggestions on what they could do to prepare the house to be put on the market. I was disappointed to learn that they had just put in a new oil boiler… right next to a natural gas water heater! The better choice would have been for the owners to replace the old oil boiler with a new natural gas heater, which they could have easily done, as they obviously had a natural gas line. Statistically, gas heat will always sell better than oil heat. Natural gas is more affordable than oil, and prices don’t fluctuate as much. Gas is also cleaner than oil, and is better for cooking! The installation price is the same for either system. If you have the option to convert, you should!

If you currently have an oil boiler, ask a HVAC professional for their analysis and recommendation. If you don’t have a natural gas line, converting to electric heat may be a solution, since most buyers prefer that over oil if natural gas isn’t available. If you are in the Central PA or Philadelphia area, I highly recommend MACC Mechanical for your heating and air conditioning needs!

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