Cottage Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels can be intimidating. They can often get very messy, very costly, and very time-consuming. But sometimes, with the right tricks, tools, and ingenuity, a kitchen can be easily transformed.

Check out this inexpensive kitchen remodel I did with a client. She wanted to list her cute brick row home which was in a lovely neighborhood, but the needed some improvements, including renovating an outdated kitchen. With a budget of $3,100 for the kitchen, we turned it into a clean and contemporary cottage space. In addition to some other improvements throughout the home, including the updating the bathroom and installing new carpets, we increased the value of the home by $47,000! The before-renovation value of the home was $65,000, but after the remodel, we sold it in less than a week for $112,000.

The kitchen had 40-year-old Formica countertops and backsplash that had stains and burn marks. Formica countertops can be difficult to remove, and the process usually causes extensive damage to the wall. You really have to take your time to repair the wall before you can replace the backsplash and paint the wall. Even then, it’s difficult to get a fresh, smooth drywall surface. So instead of trying to repair the wall, we just put wainscoting right over top! This inexpensive material cost us $100 and we just had to paint it then apply it to the wall. We chose a white semigloss to match the freshly-painted trim then finished off the top with a chair rail. The countertops and backsplash were replaced with a new, modern Formica for $200 to complete the look.


After: New Formica Countertops & Backsplash
After: White Semigloss Wainscoting with Chair Rail

The old appliances were replaced with new stainless steel ones for $1,200. This drastically improved the look and design of the kitchen, as well as providing a fresh and clean feel. Totally worth it! We also chose a cost-effective vinyl flooring that was easy to install.

After: New Appliances, Flooring, & Cabinets

The final major upgrade was brand new cabinets. We had to get rid of the old dark wooden ones that were beyond salvaging. To greatly increase storage space in this small kitchen, we added three stacked cabinets next to the stove range. A problem that small kitchens often run into is a door or a window that prevents a traditional 24″ lower cabinet. Instead, we stacked three 12″ upper cabinets to create additional storage while leaving clearance for the door. To finish the bottom of the cabinets, we added a white toe kick over a 2″x4″ to create the look of a traditional cabinet. In total, the cabinet project only cost $1,500 to create a brand new functional cottage kitchen.

After: New Stacked Cabinets
After: White Toe Kick

The remodel of the kitchen dramatically increased the value and the quick sale of this home, and it only took $3,100, a little creativity, and some DIY. I hope this inspires you to find inexpensive ways to improve and renovate your own home!

Keep following me for more design ideas on how to efficiently remodel your home prior to sale!

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