Down by the Bay

I’m excited to share that I have recently achieved one of my dreams. I purchased a home on the water in Maryland, at the northernmost part of the Chesapeake Bay! I have always wanted a vacation home that my whole family could enjoy that would become a home away from home. The location of this home made it perfect for me!

I love my new brick bayhouse!
The perfect view

I plan on doing some major renovations over the upcoming winter with my helpful team and family. I didn’t want to start demolition during these late summer and fall months when we could still enjoy the bayhouse and autumnal weather by the water. However, some improvements needed to be made so we could relax and feel at home.

With just $1,000 and in just 4 hours, we gave the home a makeover! I focused on the living room, 2 of the bedrooms, the bathroom, and the kitchen. With some simple updating and redesigning, the home looks bright, friendly, and fresh, and much more “me.”

Before: Living Room
Before: Living Room
Before: Living Room

This house came with the furniture, as it was leftover of the previous owner’s second home. I plan on replacing it eventually, but with many messy months of renovations yet to come, I kept what came with the house and used new slipcovers for a furniture facelift! I replaced the heavy drapery with light, sheer curtains and changed the art on the walls to give a more beachy feel. Switching out the lamps and adding new throw pillows gave this room a whole new life!

After: Living Room
After: Living Room
After: Living Room

Updating the bedrooms followed similar ideas as the living room. It was all about the bedding and the window treatments!

Before: Bedroom
Before: Bedroom

After giving the rooms a good cleaning, I shopped for pillows, bedding, art, lampshades, curtains, and small end tables that were on sale or reduced at places like Kohl’s, T.J.Maxx, and Marshalls. Adding houseplants gave the final touch!

After: Bedroom
After: Bedroom

In the bathroom, we followed suit and exchanged the heavy drapery and dark colors for a cheery, beachy palette. I also removed the glass door and put up an easy tension rod shower curtain instead. It looks like a completely different space!

Before: Bathroom
After: Bathroom

The room I am most proud of is the kitchen! The yellow counter-top could surely turn a lot of people off. Instead of trying to hide it, I decided to embrace it!

Before: Kitchen
Before: Kitchen

By playing off of the yellow, we gave the room a sunny personality – perfect for a family bayhouse! We used the color to accent the rug, towels, and even decorative lemons on the table. With a complimenting sky blue, these hues make it a happy home.

After: Kitchen

In just one afternoon and with a few pairs of hands, we were able to transform this bayhouse into our cute family getaway! We are absolutely loving our weekends by the bay!

As winter sets in and renovations begin, I will be updating you on this project. Until then, check out my other projects and keep in touch!

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