Flippin’ Out

I’m off and running on a new project! I have purchased a small semi-detached home in Shillington, PA that hasn’t been touched in decades. After being inherited by the previous owner, this mid-century classic Berks County home sat vacant for 27 years! Practically everything in the home needs to be replaced.

110 Reading Before (1)A neat foyer.110 Reading Before (3)An original hardwood floor that just needs a little love.

110 Reading Before  (4)

An awesome fireplace for those winter nights.

110 Reading Before (5)

110 Reading Before B (4)A beautiful sunny bay window.

110 Reading Before B (1)Check out that tub!

We just stripped wallpaper and started tearing down old tile. My plan is to keep the character of the architecture of the home, but give it clean, modern, upgrades! I want to do a cute, white cottage-style kitchen and also add a new half bathroom on the first floor. The upstairs bathroom has a cool green tub in excellent condition with good, strong enamel. These colors for bathrooms are trending again, so I’d like to salvage this piece and find a complimenting tile selection. Metal roofs are another up-and-coming recycled trend, so my idea is to patch and paint the existing metal roof a dark red-brown color to compliment the classic brick exterior. I am excited to keep working and see my vision come to life! I know there will be some challenges along the way, but that’s all part of the journey. There are obstacles before every reward.

I look forward to showing you some pictures and progress along the way! Keep in touch.

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