Selling Grandma’s Stone Rancher

This story illustrates how a few simple DIY changes can drastically improve your home’s value and marketability.

When Toni had to sell her grandparents’ home, she was a little overwhelmed with the process of preparing the home for market. She lived 2 hours away. How was she going to handle this process?

She contacted a local agent. After a walk-through, Toni was told she should not expect more than $100,000 for the home. She was disappointed with that opinion of value, but began cleaning up the house to get ready to put on the market.

maple front

After some thought, Toni decided to contact me after hearing some word-of-mouth recommendations. I immediately saw a ton of potential in the classic stone rancher. I mean come on, it has a pool and a sunroom! This is a perfect family home in a great location. There was no reason Toni couldn’t sell the home for a higher price than what she was originally told; it just needed to be showcased to highlight its attributes. I advised her to make a few simple but vital changes that would help the home meet or exceed the buyers’ expectations.

To start, it needed a deep cleaning. Some good old-fashioned elbow grease took care of that! Toni updated key light fixtures in the dining area and kitchen. A few of the rooms got a fresh coat of paint in neutral colors to lighten up the space and modernize wooden paneling. The kitchen got new laminate flooring to replace an original old laminate floor. The most noteworthy difference was tearing up the old carpet to expose the beautiful original hardwood floors. Even though they need a little bit of love, it still made a huge difference in the home’s marketability because hardwood floors are in! About 4 months and $2,000 later, the house was ready to be put on the market.

maple front room

maple kitchen

Toni’s grandparents’ home sold in just 19 days for $159,900. That’s almost a 60% increase in value from the original estimate! Toni was ecstatic.

I was referred to Michele through my local realtor when I was looking to place my grandparents’ home on the market. She was my second realtor, whom I’m glad we found because the first realtor was no where near as experienced, friendly, punctual, or flexible due to my living two hours from the home listed. Michele has been understanding and has explained every aspect of the entire process from day one.- Tonice P.

Sometimes spending a few thousand dollars and investing a little time and energy can dramatically improve how quickly your home will sell and the price it will sell for. Don’t be afraid of a little DIY!

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